Yorkshire Icon: Charity of Steel – Roundabout

A lot has changed since Roundabout first opened its doors in 1977. Back then the local youth housing charity consisted of only three beds and an outside toilet. Now, Sheffield’s longest running homeless charity helps around 150 young people every day.

Many of the young people Roundabout work with come from abusive or broken homes and are forced out onto the streets. The charity gives them shelter, food, security and the support they need to lay the foundations for a brighter future.

Roundabout does invaluable work for the community and truly embodies the values of the Man of Steel project. We caught up with Amy Casbolt, Roundabout’s fundraising coordinator, to find out more about the charity and discover why she loves Yorkshire.

What support does Roundabout offer local homeless people?

“Roundabout provides shelter and essential life skills to young people aged 16 to 25. We have the only direct access hostel in Sheffield for 16 to 21-year-olds and support young people to live independently in secure bedsits and shared housing throughout the city. Our Peer Education service trains young people at Roundabout to become Peer Educators and deliver sessions in schools to try to prevent homelessness and direct young people to organisations that can help if they need support.”

What do you enjoy most about your work?

“I love having a job that I know makes a difference. Working at a local charity means I get to spend time with the staff that run our services and regularly meet the young people we support. It’s a real motivator working with the clients and knowing Roundabout is helping them to make positive life changes. I’m really passionate about the cause, so it’s easy for me to promote what we do, tell people why we make a difference and give them the opportunity to be part of it too.” 

What do you love most about Yorkshire?

“I’m Yorkshire born and bred, so there are lots of things I love about the county. I love live music and it’s easy to find places to watch bands most nights of the week, especially in Sheffield. I enjoy visiting the independent shops in Sharrow Vale and walking around Endcliffe Park. I also love the Yorkshire people – we’re a friendly bunch!”

Do you think Man of Steel is an appropriate landmark for Yorkshire?

“I really liked the iconic cooling towers and think when they came down it left a gap which needed to be filled. I like the way Man of Steel will watch over the city and love the fact it is stainless steel as it represents the history of steel in the region.”

How do you think it will benefit the Yorkshire region?

“I hope the landmark will bring new people to visit the region and have a positive impact on the economy. It’s great there are plans to educate students across the city and provide schools with curriculum material across all key stages. I’m sure it’s a place we can bring our clients and look forward to visiting soon.”

Despite their amazing work, Roundabout has to turn away around 1,000 young people each year because they don’t have the facilities to accommodate them. To find out more about how you can support the charity, please visit the Roundabout website.

Do you know a Charity of Steel or an individual showing true Yorkshire icon spirit?

Written by Content On Demand